Risks Involved in Buying a House With Unpermitted Renovations

Buying an existing home can be exciting and scary at the same time. While you would hope the seller discloses everything there is to know about the home, that’s not always the case. One area they often cover-up, whether knowingly or unknowingly, is with unpermitted renovations. If the sellers did renovations themselves or even had […]

Can you Take Over Someone’s Mortgage if It’s Assumable?

Does taking over someone’s mortgage seem easier than getting your own mortgage? You might be in for a little surprise. Today, an assumable mortgage still requires approval, just like you would need if you took out your own mortgage. Looking for Current Mortgage Interest Rates? Click Here. There are benefits of assuming someone’s mortgage, though, […]

Take Advantage of California First-Time Home Buyer Programs

Do you live in California and are trying to buy your first home? Did you know that there are California First-Time Home Buyer Programs available? These programs are run by CalHFA. You do not apply for the loan directly through CalHFA. Instead, you apply with a CalHFA approved lender. Compare Offers from Several Mortgage Lenders. […]

What is the Fannie Mae Waiting Period After a Derogatory Event?

Recent derogatory events on your credit report increase your risk of defaulting on a loan in the future. This is especially true if you take out a new mortgage. Because of this, Fannie Mae has a specific waiting period you must go through before you can secure a conventional loan. Compare Offers from Several Mortgage […]