Assemble a Team to Help You When Buying a Fixer-Upper House

Houses that are move-in ready are a lot more convenient thinking that you don’t have to worry about anything else other than moving in. However, these properties can be very expensive.

What makes fixer-upper houses very appealing is the attractive price tag. With some repairs and renovations, you’ll have a home that can be as beautiful as a newly-built property.

However, it is never easy to buy a fixer-upper. To make sure that you aren’t shortchanged of your money for purchasing the property, you have to determine if the house can truly be repaired back to its former glory. And if it can be, will it be cost-effective or will it break the bank?

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Assemble a team of professionals to take a good look at the property and do the major renovations it needs. Get these experts involved if you want to transform the house into the home you’ve envisioned.


If you didn’t hire a home inspector before you purchased the property, it’s not too late if you get one now. We suggest that you still have the property inspected by a professional inspector.

Home inspectors will check for exterior and interior problems. He/she will evaluate the property’s structural integrity. Electrical systems and interior plumbing will also be assessed. Heating and cooling systems will be check as well as the home’s insulation, ventilation.

A home inspection can detect the extent of damage the house has sustained and the repairs it needs. In fact, the home inspector will tell you if the property is such in bad shape that it is beyond repair. What you after finding out the results will be all up to you.


Unlike newly-built homes, fixer-upper properties can have electrical systems and wirings that are as ancient as the house itself. Some electrical systems may only need minimal fix-ups. But really old electrical wirings may entail more work. Worse comes to worse, an electrician will have to rewire the whole house.

Electrical components also wear and tear over time. Faulty wiring can pose serious harm to the occupants if left undetected and unrepaired. exposed live wires don’t only put people at risk for electrocution, bad wires may also increase the risk for fire.

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If something doesn’t smell right, something is seriously wrong. Bad smells inside the house may indicate leaky pipes; worse, sewage problems. Go ahead and get a plumber to fix this right away.

A plumber can also take a look at busted pipes, damaged faucets, and other plumbing components. They can also check if the existing septic tank needs servicing.


If you want to knock down walls, update an outdated kitchen, modernize your bathroom or repair the entire roof, you need to get a general contractor for that.

Some home updates can be done without having to change or move permanent fixtures that don’t require repairs. It will cost less if you do this. But if you opt for major renovations, a contractor can get the job done. First, you have to know the scope of the renovation projects and adjust it to suit your budget.


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