Homebuying Tips for the Season

Seasonality is probably something you did not think about when you first decided to get a home. But it’s a big factor in homebuying and could dictate the price options that are available to you.

Aside from inventory and demand factors, there are also quite a checklist that every first-time homebuyer should know to make the homebuying experience easier:


The mortgage acquisition process takes a while and rates are volatile. If you don’t lock in on a rate, a single percentage shift upwards can take you out of your affordable range. To secure your budget, locking on your rate is essential.

Today, rates continue to hover at the 4 percent range but the anticipated Fed meeting and Fed rate hike would probably kill that normal. Now is a good time to lock.


homeowners association(HOA) exists for estates such as townhouses and condos to ensure property uniformity and maintenance. It is important that you familiarize yourself with the rules detailed in the HOA documents first. Although most of these rules are typically simple, some may surprise you and cause inconvenience or conflict after you move in.

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So you’re happy that you finally found a peaceful neighborhood where you can comfortably lounge with your family, but are you sure this peace is guaranteed the entire time you live in the home? Development projects can affect the landscape of your neighborhood and can disturb your precious tranquility. This is something many homebuyers overlook and fail to consider when they choose the location of the property. Check with your county departments for the existence of such plans and see how it will affect your property of interest in the future.


If it makes sense to go DIY and you have some good friends to lend you a hand, why not? But if you don’t have time to plan and arrange everything, it’s wise to opt for a service from a reliable mover. Learn the services offered and which best suit your needs. Handling your valuables is a crucial task so see to it that you trust the people you entrust them to. Ask recommendation from friends, or hire a contractor with a good reputation in the business.

Proper preparation can save you a lot of headaches throughout the course of your homebuyingprocess. Following these steps will help you iron out the usual creases and lessen the anxiety of failing to do things right.


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