What Factors Affect Home Prices?

There is no formula for directly measuring property value. Various factors are at play and more often than not, they are at a continuous state of fluctuation. One necessary distinction that has to be made, however, is the difference between what you call home price and the final valuation of the property after the appraisal […]

Useful Online Tools to Use for Mortgage, Real Estate

Buying and selling a home has never been as easy as it is today. Most information that has remained solely in the hands of realtors a decade ago are now available to any regular buyer or seller through the networked convenience of the internet. And it is this same generous convergence of business and data […]

How to Do a Property Record Search

Choosing a home to buy entails much research on your property of interest. True, the MLS data can provide you enough information you need, but it doesn’t hurt to extend your search and look for the property’s mortgage records. Although not necessary, scouring for further information may lead you to discover certain aspects of the property that […]

How to Solve the Most Common Refinancing Hurdles

The new mortgage rate trend that followed last week’s phenomenal hike breaking Brexit’s 11-week low rate streak may have sent many buyers locking in on rates before the new trend gets comfortable in its new course. For those who are considering refinancing, the time may be ripe to get started with your refinancing journey. But how ready […]