How Rising Interest Rates Affect What Mortgage you Can Afford

No one likes to hear that interest rates are going up. In most people’s minds, this means higher mortgage payments or a declined mortgage application. While it’s true that rising interest rates have an effect on your mortgage affordability, it’s not the only factor. A lower rate doesn’t necessarily mean it will be easy to […]

Homeownership Costs Every Home Buyer Need to Prepare For

Buying a home comes with costs that you need to prepare for. Every home buyer should save more than enough funds in order to cover out-of-pocket fees that come with home buying a home. It’s true, there are low- to no- down payment mortgage options for low-income earners who dream of becoming homeowners sometime soon. A lot […]

Different Insurance Policies You Can Get to Protect Your Home

Every homeowner understands the importance of protecting their homes. Which is why many would take the necessary measures to make their homes a safe place to live in. However, we can’t protect our homes from everything. Whether it’s caused by a natural phenomenon or any other unfortunate circumstances, anything can still happen at any given […]